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This page is for the readers and researchers, and has quite a high word count!  We understand not everyone wants a really detailed description of what we do, but for those that do... well, we've got your covered!  We put a lot of thought into what we do, and it goes way beyond just the music we play - hopefully we can get that across on this page!  So, if you’ve searched online for Wedding Bands Northern Ireland, Wedding Bands NI, Northern Ireland Wedding Bands, NI Wedding Bands, Wedding Entertainment Northern Ireland (or something similar) and want to do a deep dive, then you’ve come to the right place!

We have put a lot of time and effort into this website (just like we do with our weddings!), so that it hopefully provides you with a lot of clear and concise information about what we do. We know that when it comes to a wedding bands in Northern Ireland there’s a lot of choice, so we hope to make it easy to choose the right one… US!! LOL

Dancing Shoes?

You don't need them at a Juice wedding!

Is Juice the right wedding band for you?

I’m getting married, am I looking in the right place?

YES (but then we’re biased lol) and we would love to play at your wedding! Congrats on getting engaged by the way! We like to keep things simple, and talk straight – it’s hard to put your thoughts in print without waffling on and on, but we’ll try our best to keep to the point and only talk about how we can really help you have a fantastic wedding reception!
Photo of a crowd dancing in a packed dance floor where Juice Wedding Band NI was performing
We find that a lot of people try to use sophisticated lingo, and a relentless amount of ‘copycat’ information to make you think they are the best choice – all the words on here are our thoughts, and ours alone! For example, the majority of bands and DJs seem to say ‘that they have state of the art sound and lighting equipment’ (when in reality not everyone does!) or ‘we guarantee a packed dance floor’ without the facts or experience to back their claims up. We aim to provide honest and factual descriptions of what we do, and why we think we can help you enjoy your wedding day. (by the way, we do have really great gear, in fact one of the best sound systems available to buy anywhere – Rod used to sell this type of gear to a lot of bands, and insisted that Juice needed the highest quality rig that we could find – he’s too fussy for his own good! lol)


Every night is different, as every crowd is different.  We love requests, and encourage them from both you and your guests!
  • Music is always tailored to you and your guests.
  • Songs can be requested ALL night via dedicated text number!
  • Dedicated 'Guest Requests' webpage for your wedding, to enable your guests to place requests anytime before the wedding! (coming soon)


We supply all sound and lighting equipment, and the hire of it is included in our fee.

  • Highest quality sound equipment.
  • Computerised moving light system.
  • Lights programmed each night to suit your venue, and to optimise your first dance photos and/or videos.

How loud?

We aim to be loud enough to encourage dancing, but not too loud for the guests that want to chat.

  • Highest quality sound equipment available.
  • High quality sound affords more comfortable listening.
  • Sound is focused on the dance floor, not the back of the room.

Why Juice as your wedding band?

If you want a band that genuinely will try to make your night as special as you feel it should be, then we should definitely be on your short-list! We strive for a busy dance floor every night we play, and really what else do you want? However, we haven’t put this site online to do the ‘hard sell’ – far from it, we just want it to be factual and informative. If you have clear and concise information about what we offer, then you can confidently make a decision about whether or not you think we can help you and your guests have a great time at your wedding! At the end of the day we also want to have a great night, and this won’t happen if we try to ‘bend’ the truth to our advantage – so we only want you to book us for the right reasons!
"If you have a great night, then so do we!"
Photo of Lydia and Max with their wedding guests and Rod and Neil from Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI
Photo of a full dance floor at a Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI wedding
Photo of Ciara and Marty with Rod and Neil from Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI, along with their wedding guests in the Hillgrove Hotel Monaghan
Photo of a crowd dancing in a packed dance floor where Juice Wedding Band NI was performing
We don’t forget about the essential things that most people take for granted, and all the little things really do make a difference. We’re always polite both on & off the microphone, always well dressed, always setup quickly & efficently, and always considerate & helpful to any other suppliers that are there (such as videographers, photo booths, dancers, etc). – which in turn helps the everything run smoother. Essentially, we’re extremely professional and relaxed to deal with, which in turn means that you never have to get stressed out about what should be the most relaxed and best part of your wedding day – your evening reception!
Neil from Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI

What sort of music do you play, and will it suit my guests?

We play a constantly evolving wide range of songs, that really do suit all ages and tastes. For full details of the range of songs we play, go to the songs section on the menu above – we think it speaks for itself! We know how to pair songs together, so that when people are on the dance floor they stay dancing – there’s no point getting people to dance if they sit down because they don’t like the next song! We generally will play continuously for periods of between 15-30 minutes at a time, which is usually great for keeping people on the floor longer.

Frequently asked questions

Most people have lots of questions and (understandably) concerns about booking the right band to suit their big day. We’ve tried our best to answer as many of the common queries that people have, and to reassure you that (if you like our musical style) there’s no better band for your wedding day! If you have a question that's not listed here, then please reach out and we'll be only too happy to help! :)

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