We understand that it’s not always easy for people to to come and hear us when they’re thinking of booking us for a wedding (impossible for those couples living abroad!). So, in an effort to let people hear what sound like live, we hired our good friend Bobby from Motion Media Productions in January 2010 to video us playing at a wedding in the wonderful Roe Park Resort in Limavady. Thanks to our lovely couple Claire and Mark Hempsey for letting us video their wedding reception!

Our brief to Bobby was very simple, we wanted a fly on the wall type of video with no audio post production (sound enhancement), which would hopefully give people a pretty good idea of how we actually sound in the room. The videos are pretty raw as a result of this, and don’t look or sound overly ‘polished’! However, we didn’t want to enhance everything, and they are real – we don’t want people getting a surprise when they actually hear us! lol We have had quite a few comments saying that we sound better live, and that the videos don’t do us justice! We don’t know about that, but can guarantee you that we definitely don’t sound any worse! lol

Bobby videoed every song that we played that night, and all 35 videos are divided into different sections below. Just drag the carousels below left or right (or click the arrows) to see and hear what was recorded. We’re hoping to get some new videos shot some time next year (this is being written in December 2015), but for now hopefully the videos below give you good idea of what we sound like.

Rock Songs

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Romantic & Slow Songs

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Modern & Pop Songs

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Rock n Roll, 60s & 70s Songs

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Country & Irish Songs

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