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Posted 11/03/2024
by Juice Wedding Band

Our new website is finally live!

Photo of a section of the new 2024 Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI website

If you’ve been on here before, then you’ll already know that there hundreds of blog posts (nearly 500 actually!), however they’re all gone now, so this is post one! We really wanted to keep them on the site, however as we decided to design the website with new software for a better user experience, it wasn’t compatible with the old blog architecture.

Photo of the the blog page from the old Juice Wedding Band Northern Ireland NI website
Screenshot of the blog page from the old Juice website

Anyway, enough of that technical mumbo jumbo! We’ve always taken a lot of pride in our website, so it’s great to have to have brand new site to show what we do! It’s still a work in progress for now, so please bear with us while we get more audio and video content added over the coming months.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback, so please reach out if you’ve any constructive feedback for us, or if there’s anything you’d like to see us add to the site.

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We’re one of the busiest wedding bands in Northern Ireland, and hope to stay that way! So if you want to find out if we’re the wedding band to suit your big day, then check the wedding section of our website for more information. If you already have a date confirmed, then feel free to contact us to confirm availability and check prices.

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