Most Popular Wedding Band 5 Times!

We must be doing something right, as the lovely readers of Getting Married in Northern Magazine have voted us their best wedding band five times! To our knowledge, there’s no other Northern Ireland wedding band that’s won that many awards – it’s really nice to know that all of our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed!

We have been finalists three times too – meaning that we’ve been in the annual final eight times! We thought we’d put a pic of our awards/trophies above, just incase nobody believes us! lol There’s more details of when we won and how we were placed below (all of which can be verified on the GMINI website).

Getting Married in Northern Ireland is a fantastic wedding publication, and a great resource if you’re currently planning a wedding! It’s available all through Northern Ireland, and it’s great to get recognised by such an authority on the wedding scene!

” Just a quick word of thanks to uz for last night lads!! As usual uz had the place buzzing from start to finish. Gemma and I had an absolute ball!! Can’t thank uz enough!! No wonder uz receive the awards uz do!! “

Gemma & Shane Tumilty | Hugh McCanns, Newcastle | 29/11/13


Most Popular Wedding Band

The first year we won the award, and the most surprised we ever were, as didn’t even know that there was an award! lol


Most Popular Wedding Band

The second year we won, and we really surprised that we got the votes for a second year!


Runner Up

Unfortunately we didn’t get the most votes this year, however we still were really happy to be in the final for a third time!


Runner Up

Back in the final this year too, but just didn’t get enough votes to get the award :0(


Most Popular Wedding Band

We didn’t get a mention in 2011, and thought that our chances of getting anymore awards were gone. However, we got a nice surprise this, when we were voted the most popular wedding band again!


Most Popular Wedding Band

Our fourth award, as corny as it sounds, it was still a surprise.


Most Popular Wedding Band

Our fifth and final award to date! To our knowledge, there’s no other Northern Ireland wedding band with as many awards. We’re not sure if we’ll get anymore, but we’ll happily accept them if we do!


Runner Up

We had a great run winning the award for the previous three years, so would have been amazed to get the award four years in a row. However, as always, it was great to be back in the final. Overall, that was our eighth appearance in the wedding awards final – something that we’re pretty proud of!