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Neil Finally Made His Debut!

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He had an AWESOME first night!


We finally got back to work last night in the stunning Brownlow House in Kurgan.  So, as the title of this post has already mentioned, Neil finally made his debut - and didn’t he just knock it out of the park! 🥳🥳  He sounded amazing, the crowd loved him… and didn’t we just rock that place with a full dance floor - job done! 😎 However, we’re only getting started… loads of new material coming to get and keep people on the dance floor!
For anyone wanting to hear Neil, here’s a wee clip from the song we ended the wedding with! 😃  Quick tip: click the gearwheel icon to change the playback settings to HD, as Facebook automatically loads the video in lower quality definition! 
We now have a third member of the team, who was a great help in keeping everything running smooth last night… he’ll be introduced soon! Also, I’d like to thank our brilliant couple Cathy and Thomas for booking Juice to help them end their wedding day with great memories! ☺️

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