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First Christmas Party of 2019

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Hillgrove Hotel Christmas Party 7/12/19

We played our first Christmas party this year in the wonderful Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan on Saturday night. It’s the first time that the venue has booked us to play at one of their Christmas parties, so thanks to them for giving us the chance to entertain their party guests! :)

The place was looking very festive, and amazingly was laid out to comfortably accommodate the 340+ crowd without everyone squashed together!  No mean feat!   Also, everything was running like clockwork – we were scheduled to start at 10, and all the tables were served and finished at 9:45!

Screenshot of the Hillgrove Hotel Monaghan website

We kicked our Christmas season off properly with an amazing crowd: they were dancing before we even started, as we played a bit of Mariah Carey as our intro!  There were loads of companies and private parties in, and as usual we stopped to give each party group a shout out.  It was close, but we think Castleblayney College were the loudest group of the night!

They definitely were a brilliant crowd, and were dancing flat out from the first song till the last: the dance floor never emptied! We played for two hours, and only stopped a couple of times to get a breath – not easy done! However, we like to keep them dancing as long as possible! After we finished, we then handed the reigns over to DJ Ollie at 12am, who had the place bouncing when we were leaving about an hour later. Definitely a great crowd, so thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome. We both love Christmas, but if we didn’t the Christmas parties would change our minds, as the crowds are normally fantastic!  Thanks again to the Hillgrove for booking us.

Photo of the guests at the Hillgrove Hotel Christmas Party December 2019

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