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Lady in Red!

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Lynne & Adam’s Wedding

Lynne inspired this blog title, as she had picked a beautiful red wedding dress for her big day!  She looked every bit the stunning bride, and definitely a lady in red!  Surprisingly she didn’t pick Lady in Red as her first dance! lol

Screenshot of Gracehall wedding venue Dollingstown Lurgan County Armagh

Lynne and Adam had picked the stunning Gracehall in Dollingstown for their wedding reception.  Last night was our first time there, and we were really impressed when we walked in!  What a beautiful venue!  It has loads of character, and lots of subtle quirky features which just add to it’s charm! :)  We had a great chat with the manager Susan at the end of the night, who was lovely, and made us feel really welcome: hopefully we’ll be back soon. It’s definitely a venue worth putting on your shortlist if you’re thinking of having a reception in the Armagh or Down area.

Lynne and Adam initially weren’t fussed on a first dance.  However, after chatting to Lynne before we started, we persuaded them to dance to an uptempo song, as the night always needs an official start for the crowd to get involved!  Lynne asked for some Bruce Springsteen, so we played our version of Dancing in the Dark, and invited everyone to join them.  Thankfully a good few people did, and we kept the dance floor buzzing for quite a while! :)  We cleared it a couple of times though, so quickly changed tactics! lol  The atmosphere was great though, and things went great until the buffet!  Unfortunately a lot of the crowd started to leave after the buffet, so there weren’t that many left at the end of the night!  Lynne and Adam seemed to have a good night though, so it wasn’t all bad!

Photo of cupcake and biscuits at Lynne and Adam's wedding reception

Thanks again to Lynne and Adam for booking us to play at their wedding reception.  It was great to meet them both: plus it was great to meet Lynne’s Mum Amanda and Step Dad Basil, as we had a great chat with them during the buffet!  The pic above shows the amazing cupcakes and treats that Lynne and Adam had for their guests: they looked so good, we had to take a pic!  We forgot to ask where they were going on honeymoon, so no destination pic!  Hopefully they get away somewhere nice!

Booking a Northern Ireland wedding band?

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