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Jenny & Stuart’s Wedding

Back on the road again last night, and Jenny and Stuart’s choice of venue inspired our blog title this time.  They had chosen the fantastic Belmont House in Banbridge for their wedding reception.  We knew that we hadn’t played there in ages: however after checking, we found out that it’s been nearly ten years!  We last played there in January 2010!  The place has went under some great changes since we were last there, and looks amazing!  So, thanks to Jenny and Stuart for inviting us along! :)

Screenshot of the Belmont Hotel and wedding venue Banbridge County Down Northern Ireland website

We kicked things off with an Aerosmith classic for Jenny and Stuart’s first dance.  They had picked I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing: it’s ages since we’ve heard it, what a great song!  We got the bridal party on half way through, and then opened the floor for the next song.  We sped things up, and quickly got lots of dancers to join the bridal party.  Unfortunately once the bridal party left the floor, so did most of the crowd! :(

We struggled for a while to get our dancers back, as we had to compete with the bar and the heat!  Even though the air con was on, the room was so hot, and a lot of people went outside for some fresh and slightly cooler air!   Thankfully we got some of them back: we would have liked a busier dance floor, but it was very understandable with the heat and big dinner that a lot of people weren’t ready to dance.  Thankfully we were able to get the floor filled for the last few songs, and had a great crowd on the floor before we handed the reigns over to their DJ, who was taking care of things after the buffet.

Photo of the Jenny, Stuart and their wedding guests

Thanks again to Jenny and Stuart for booking us to play at their wedding.  It was great to meet them both: although we didn’t getting chatting to them as much as we would have liked, as we had to rush to get our equipment out of the way for the DJ to start.  Due to the rushing about, we forgot to ask them where they’re going on honeymoon!  Hopefully they get away somewhere nice!

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