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Final Christmas Party of 2018

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Bradley’s Centra Maghera Christmas Party

We played our last Christmas party of the year for the staff of Bradley’s Centra in Maghera last night.  It was actually our last gig before Christmas too!   Thanks to the management for booking us to exclusively look after their big night for them! :)

Photo of Bradley's Centra Maghera

We were booked to play for two hours, and then DJ for a couple of hours too.  The staff must all get on really well at work, cause they were some craic, and got on like a house on fire last night!  They were singing before we ever started, and were definitely out for a party!  They filled the floor as soon as we started, and we kept them there for most of the night!

Thanks again to the shop for booking us, it was great to be there!  We also like to wish all of the staff and management a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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