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Michelle & John’s Wedding

We started our week in the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny at Michelle and John’s wedding last night.  We were chatting in the van on the way up, and couldn’t figure out when we last played in the Mount Errigal, and couldn’t remember – it’s definitely been a long time though!  Regardless, the staff had the room looking great, plus Michelle and John had ordered an LED dance floor, which added a nice extra touch!

Screenshot of the Mount Errigal Hotel and wedding venue Letterkenny Donegal

If you’re into classic rock, then you might think this title is in reference to the Kinks’ song of the same name, but it’s not!  We were stumped for a title for a long time, then Michelle was telling us about their beautiful white Husky, and she’s called Lola!  Unfortunately we don’t have a actual pic of her, but the one above will give you an idea of what she looks like!

We kicked the night off with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect for Michelle and John’s first dance.  We didn’t play it ourselves for a change, and played the original recording at their request.  This is because they had a fantastic dance routine worked out, which went down a storm right until John dipped Michelle down and gave her a kiss for the big finish!  We sped things up after that, and quickly got a good floor full of dancers!  As usual, we had to chance tactics to keep them there, as the odd song would have cleared the dance floor! lol. However, that the exception, and there was a great atmosphere and craic all night!

Photo of Michelle, John and their wedding guests

Thanks again to Michelle and John for booking us to play at their wedding.  It was great to meet them both, and we had a really long chat with them at the end of the night.  John plays guitar, so there’s always a problem when somebody starts talking to me about guitars – it’s never a short conversation! lol. We’ll sign off by wishing them well on their honeymoon.  They’re going to Cancun, which is just a fantastic destination – have a great time guys!

Screenshot of the Cancun page of the Lonely Planet website

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