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Flat to the mat!

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Caitriona & Barry’s Wedding

So we finished our week in the Silver Birch Hotel on Saturday night.  It was Caitriona and Barry’s wedding, so thanks to both of them for inviting us along to play a few tunes!  We haven’t been in the Birch in a couple of years, so it was our first time playing in their stunning new function room!  They built a massive extension onto the hotel, and the room is just beautiful (and massive!).

Screenshot of the Silver Birch Omagh website

So, a blog title for the lads this time! (sorry ladies!)  When we pulled in to setup, we spotted a few really nice sports cars!  Among them was a stunning red Escort Cosworth (that’s a closeup of it above), which you don’t see too often.  After chatting to Barry we found out it was 390 BHP!  So, you wouldn’t be able to drive it flat to the mat on the roads round here!  What an awesome car! (sorry to go on about cars ladies! lol)

Caitriona is a gymnastics teacher, and her students put on an AMAZING show for everyone just before the first dance.  There were 17 of her students there, and they had the dance floor covered in the gym mats, and definitely did Caitriona proud with their amazing gymnastics!  We kicked things off with Meant To Be for Caitriona and Barry’s first dance.  We didn’t even have to call the bridal party to join them, as they knew their cue!  After that we sped things up, and tried to get through all the requests from the crowd.  Hopefully we got through most of them, they were asking for everything from Hit the Diff to Craig David!

Photo of Caitriona, Barry and their guests

Thanks again to Caitriona and Barry for booking us to play at their wedding.  It was great to meet them both, find out Caitriona organised everything (lol) and hear all about Barry’s amazing car!  Finally, we’d like to wish them well on their honeymoon.  They’re going to the stunning Maldives, which is just one of those dream honeymoon locations. Have a great time guys!

Screenshot of the Maldives page of the Lonely Planet website

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