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Bonjour France!

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Claire & Damien’s Wedding

So, after more than a year of planning and expectation, we finally made to Southern France to perform at our first ever French wedding! Claire and Damien had booked us in May 2017, so it was nice to finally meet them both in person when we arrived at the Chateau de Redon! The Chateau was everything that you would expect, and truly was a stunning place, set in the beautiful French countryside. The grounds were beautiful, and the panoramic views of the French forests and hillsides were just amazing! Finally, the weather just the icing on the cake, as it was a scorcher of a day!  If you ever had the idea of getting married abroad, then do yourselves a favour and check out this stunning venue! 🙂

Screenshot of the Chateau de Redon France website

So, we go over to France to play at a wedding, and meet two lovely photographers from… Fermanagh! lol  Although after meeting the formidable husband and wife team of Lou and Louise, we quickly realised why Claire and Damien had picked them!  They are such a lovely couple, but more importantly the passion that they have for wedding photography just oozes out of both of them!  The really enjoy their work, plus they are really good at it.  We’re no experts, but we’ve mentioned before that the main thing a good photographer needs is that special eye to see the shots that everyone else misses.  Check out their website, and you’ll see that they grab some amazing shots!  They shoot local and destination weddings, so give them a shout if you need some quality wedding photography!

Screenshot of the Lous Destination Wedding Photographers website

So, this was an easy blog title to pick!  We’ve only chatting about this booking on and off for the past year!  To say we were looking forward to it would be an understatement!  We also were a little apprehensive due to the logistics involved, and being so far out of our comfort zone!  However, we needn’t have worried, all our planning went like clockwork, and we stayed in some great accommodation too over the five days we were away!  The only thing that was a torture, was the traffic around Paris!  It took us 2 1/2 hours to drive 40 miles!

So, our other fear was being out of comfort zone.  We needn’t have worried, as we were made feel at home as soon as we arrived!  Pete (the owner of the chateau) greeted us (as did his wife Anita), and were both very welcoming!  They organised dinner for us, then we setup once the wedding meal had finished.  So, we got things underway with Into The Mystic for Claire and Damien’s first dance.  After that we sped things up, and the floor filled! 🙂  That’s all we really need to say about that, as it never emptied all night!  

There were guests in from Monaghan, Cavan, Scotland, England, America and other places, so we tried our best to play something for everyone during the night, and the crowd lapped it up.  They were maybe a bit too lively at times!  Check out our Instagram feed for a short video taken during Black Betty, and you’ll see what we mean!

Photo of Claire, Damien and their guests at our French wedding

Thanks again to Claire and Damien for booking us, and putting so much trust in us to travel and deliver the goods at their amazing wedding!  It’s a booking that neither of us will ever forget, and was just such an honour to get picked to play at their big day.  We also couldn’t believe how lovely they both were, and how much craic we had chatting to them!  

We must have chatted to them and their guests for at least 90 minutes after we finished!  Indeed, we were that late getting back to the B&B (3:45ish), we didn’t think there was any point going to bed, as we had to be away early for our 500 mile drive to Cherbourg!  So, we got showered, got a cuppa, and hit the road at 5am!  Needless to say, we slept well on the Ferry back to Dublin!

Finally, we’d like to sign off by wishing Claire and Damien well on their honeymoon.  As if all the amazing scenery in Southern France wasn’t enough, they are going to Greece, which should be stunning!  Have a great time guys!

Screenshot of the Greece page of the Lonely Planet website

Booking a Destination wedding band?

We’re one of the busiest wedding bands in Northern Ireland, and hope to stay that way! However, we now have the bug for playing at destination weddings! So if you want to find out if we’re the wedding band to suit your big day, then check the wedding section of our website for more information. If you already have a date confirmed, then feel free to contact us to confirm availability and check prices.

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