Photo of the Shellbridge Suite in the Clanree Hotel Letterkenny

Bit of a change!

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Danielle & Niall’s Wedding

Happy Easter everyone!  We were back in Letterkenny last night, playing a few tunes at Danielle and Niall’s wedding – thanks to both of them for inviting us along.  After the Easter chocolate overdose, it was probably best that we got out of the house last night, or else there would have been more Easter Eggs eaten! lol  We were playing in the Clanree Hotel, which has went through a few changes since we were last there!

Screenshot of the Clanree Hotel Letterkenny website

The Clanree inspired this blog title!  We haven’t played there in a while, and it’s had a bit of a makeup in certain parts of the hotel.  It’s definitely looking great, as you can see by the website screenshot above!  Also, we’ve never played in the Shellbridge Suite before, and it’s a fantastic room!  So, there’s definitely a bit of a change for the better around the place!

We were spoiled with a great crowd on Saturday night, and didn’t think we’d be spoiled again last night – but we were!  Once again, the crowd hit the floor as soon as we started the first song! 🙂  It wasn’t hard to keep them going through the night, especially the ladies, who rarely sat down!  It’s always great to see that, and it just makes the night an absolute pleasure for us!  Cheers guys!

Thanks again to Danielle and Niall for booking us to play at their wedding.  It was a pleasure to meet them both, and a great way to spend our Easter Monday.  They’re just getting ready to move into a new house, so we’d like to wish them well with that.  Also, they’re going on honeymoon later in the year to New York and Canada, which should be amazing!  Have a great time guys!

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