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Too much Turkey!

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Royal Hotel Boxing Night 2017

We got back into the swing of things last night in the wonderful Royal Hotel in Cookstown, as the hotel had asked us to perform and DJ for the second year in a row at their annual Boxing Night get together in the Palace Suite. Thanks to Tanya and Stephen for booking us yet again, and also for having the confidence in us to look after the full night for them! As expected, the Palace Suite was looking great, and laid out to ensure there was plenty of room to dance! :0)

Screenshot of the Royal Hotel Cookstown website

As mentioned in our title, you can only take so much turkey, so it was great to get out of the house and back on stage! This was our second time playing at the Royal’s annual Boxing night event, so we were hoping it would go as good as last year’s big night!  The crowd probably was a bit smaller than last years, but not by much. There was a great crowd in, and the room constantly got fuller as the night went on! When we stuck on Maniac 2000 in the disco, you couldn’t have fitted one more person onto the (large!) dance floor! Cheers to everyone for making us feel so welcome, and thanks again to Tanya and Stephen for booking us yet again.

Photo of the customers at the Royal Hotel Cookstown Boxing Night 2017 event

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