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Orla & George’s Wedding

We were back in the beautiful Corick House Hotel and Spa yet again last night – definitely one of our most frequently visited wedding venues this year! Thanks to Orla and George for inviting us along to play at their big day. As usual the Orchid Suite was looking great, and Orla had loads of lovely finishing touches added to the room, which made it look even better (sorry George, but I doubt if it was your doing! lol).

Our generally random and cryptic blog titles don’t apply to this post, as Orla is my cousin (Rod), so keep it in the family was the obvious and best title! It was brilliant for Orla to ask us to play at her wedding – I’m not sure if George had much say in the matter, but thanks for going along with it George! lol 😉 We actually were booked on their original date, and they changed all her plans and booked another date to suit us! So, that was a lovely compliment for both Brendan and myself. It was great for me to be a guest for a change, and get to sample Corick’s fantastic wedding meal and my uncle Seamus’ delicious wedding cake (it might have been home made, but it would have rivalled any wedding cake that we’ve seen!).

So, no pressure then, family wedding, and the bride has changed her date to suit us! lol Thankfully everyone was in great form, and it was a brilliant night! George is from Kildare, and there were a load of his friends and family up for the day. There were quite a range of musical tastes to accommodate, but the crowd was great all night, apart from a couple of quieter songs in the disco when we lost some of our dancers. All in all we both had a great time (me especially!!), and the night ended with a fantastic crowd on the floor when we hit the stage again for the last half hour – job done! 🙂

Thanks again to Orla and George for booking us to play at their wedding. It’s always great to be playing at any couples wedding, but it’s that bit more special when it’s a close family member’s big day! We’d also like to wish them well on their honeymoon travels, as they’re going to Fuerteventura, so there’ll be plenty of sun. Have a great time guys!

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