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Tina & Alan’s Wedding

We finished our week in the Millbrook Hotel at Tina and Alan’s wedding on Saturday night – thanks to both of them for inviting us along. The Millbrook was looking great as usual, and they had the room partitioned so that we could setup while the guests were still finishing their meal – which was great!

We had the pleasure of sharing the bill with Fiddler Adam on Saturday night, and he kicked things off after the wedding meal with some of his fantastic fiddle skills. Cheers to him for doing a great job of getting things going, and for inspiring our blog title!

We started with a bit of Ed Sheeran for Tina and Alan’s first dance, and then sped things up. It took us a few songs to suss the crowd out, but thankfully they got going great once we got into our stride. We found out during the disco that Alan is Reserve Manager for Richill AFC, and (as they’ve recently won a couple of trophies) there was a requests for Will Griggs on Fire, and the crowd ran to the floor as soon as we put it on! There was no stopping them after that, and we kept the floor buzzing right through till the last song :)

Thanks again to Tina and Alan for booking us to play at their wedding. It was great to meet both of them, and their two lovely kids Amy and Alfie. They’re going to the Manor House in Kiladeas for a couple of days to chill out, and then are hoping for a nice family holiday with the kids later in the year. Hopefully they all get away somewhere nice – wherever you go guys, have a great time!

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