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Leah & Aaron’s Wedding

After being in the Bushtown Hotel on Wednesday, we were back there again last night! Thanks to Leah and Aaron for inviting us along to join in the celebrations! As with Wednesday night, the Bushtown staff were on the ball, as they were clearing the room when we arrived. Dermot was taking charge of things last night, and was equally as efficient as Kevin was on Wednesday night!

As mentioned earlier, we were already in the Bushtown on Wednesday, and were able to leave our gear in one of their storage rooms. This inspired our blog title – as great as the Bushtown is, it has a dreaded staircase for loading our gear in! :( However, we didn’t have to carry anything in last night, so at least that was a bonus! (we still had to carry everything back down the stairs when we finished though!)

Once we got Leah and Aaron’s first dance finished, we sped things up and got a good few dancers. We lost them for a while after that, but once we played a few waltzes we got them back, and kept plenty of there for the rest of the night! :) The atmosphere was great even when the dance floor was a bit quieter, as the crowd were great craic, and there was plenty of banter! :) We also had a couple of fantastic Irish dancers to entertain us before the buffet – they danced to BeWitched’s ‘C’est La Vie’ – which mightn’t be the normal Irish dancing tune, but it was great!!

Thanks again to Leah and Aaron for booking us to play at their wedding. As always, it was lovely to meet both of them. Leah’s dress was stunning, and she even had her Converse on, ready to dance! lol We’d like wish them well on their honeymoon, as they’re going to the beautiful Tenerife for a couple of weeks. Have a great time guys!

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