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Good Morning Vietnam!

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Colette & Declan’s Wedding

We finished the week in the Greenvale Hotel at Colette and Declan’s wedding – thanks to both of them for inviting us along. The place was looking fantastic as usual, and dressed perfectly. In our opinion it’s one of the best wedding venues in Tyrone – it has a really cool and contemporary classic decor, plus the service and wedding food is second to none! Especially the buffet – all fantastic fresh and tasty food, that would rival the most luxurious hotels we play in!

Our blog title comes courtesy of Colette and Declan’s amazing sounding honeymoon! As you would guess from the title, they’re going to Vietnam! It’s one of those places that is definitely a must see if you have the chance! We were booked for the band only package on Saturday night, so had to try and get the crowd onside ASAP, as we didn’t have the luxury of waiting until the drink kicked in later on! lol Thankfully they were a lively bunch, and it didn’t take long to get them going. We hit them with a good mixture of tunes, and (apart from one or two songs) we had a good crowd on the floor for them all! :) Declan is from Dublin, and the Dubs were definitely up for the craic!

Thanks again to Colette and Declan for booking us to play at their wedding – It was great to meet them both. They have an AMAZING honeymoon planned! As already mentioned, they’re going to Vietnam – but that’s not all! They’re also going to Cambodia, which looks stunning. Finally, Thailand is on the schedule, and we’re guessing they’ll hit the beach resorts for a bit of relaxation, after all the exploring done in Vietnam and Cambodia! Have a great time guys!

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