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Tina and Glyn’s Wedding

We were back in the Armagh City Hotel at Tina and Glyn’s wedding last night – thanks to both of them for inviting us along. The hotel had the room partitioned, which was great as we didn’t have to wait around, and could setup while the guests were still finishing their meal.

Our blog title comes courtesy of Glyn, as he said one of the reasons they booked us was because we play Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’!! Unfortunately there weren’t that many rockers in to get things rocked up for Glyn in the earlier part of the evening! 🙁 However, we did play Enter Sandman for him as the last song, and were able to rock things up towards the end of the night 🙂

It was a very relaxed night, and we had loads of requests, however it took ages to get a good floor of dancers 🙁 It’s the quietest start night that we’ve had in years, however thankfully the crowd were really friendly :), We eventually got them sussed during the disco, and got the floor full! 🙂 Of course we would have loved to had the floor bouncing all night, as we put in the same effort EVERY night, but thankfully we had a great crowd on the floor when we hit the stage again at the end of the night. Plus, Tina and Glyn were happy, and that’s what matters!

Thanks again to Tina and Glyn for booking us to play at their wedding. It was lovely to meet both of them, and brilliant to be a small part of their wedding plans. After the hassle and bustle of all the wedding planning, they’re getting a chance to relax now, as they’re heading the beautiful Tenerife on honeymoon! Have a great time guys!

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