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Tryphiena & Kevin’s Wedding

We played at our fourth wedding of the week last night, and thanks to Tryphiena and Kevin for inviting us along to be part of the celebrations. We were in the White Horse Hotel Derry, which was a blast from the past, as we haven’t played there in years! However, the place was looking great, and we ran into a familiar face! Kimberly, the duty manager, used to work in the Hillgrove Hotel in Monaghan. We’ve played in the Hillgrove quite a few times over the years, and Kimberly was always in great form, and running the weddings bang on schedule (as she was yesterday!)

We ran into Sean from Montgomery Media for first time, who was looking after the video duties for the day. What a nice guy! Full of the craic, and flat out with his FIVE camera setup!! (yes, five cameras!). It’s the first time we’ve met a videographer who has used that many cameras to capture the evening part of the wedding – we’re looking forward to seeing the finished result, as the shots that he was getting were fantastic! He’s based in Belfast, but travels throughout the North, so he’s definitely worth contacting if you’re looking for a modern wedding video. Check out his Facebook page for more info –

It was a real privilege to be playing at Tryphiena and Kevin’s wedding, as Kevin works in the Roe Park Resort, and we’ve gotten to know him really well over the past few years. Indeed it was Kevin who inspired this blog title! He’s a real gentleman, and always has lots of nice things to say about us, and promotes us to anyone that will listen! He obviously put his money where is mouth is, as he booked us for his own wedding! We wanted to buy him a drink or two to celebrate the big day, but he was having none of it and INSISTED that he buy us a couple of drinks! So, cheers Kevin, thank you very much for that – even though we don’t normally drink when we’re working, it was nice to have a beer each with Kevin!

Tryphiena and Kevin didn’t that many requests for themselves, but had a number tunes in mind that their kids would love! So, we got some Katy Perry and Whitney Houston on during the disco for their girls, and young Jamie seemed to be enjoying my guitar playing, as he was flat out on the air guitar all night! lol Like a couple of the other weddings this week, it was a bit of a slow starter – we definitely think everyone has been overdosing on the Easter eggs! However, thankfully things livened up really well as the night went on, and the place was buzzing. Especially when Kevin joined us on stage towards the end of the night to sing a rip roaring version of Sweet Caroline!! There’s a bit of hidden talent there that he didn’t tell us about!

Thanks again to Tryphiena and Kevin for booking us to play at their wedding. As mentioned, we know Kevin pretty well, but it was great to meet Tryphiena and the kids, and be part of their special day. They’ve a few days off work to chill out with the kids, but are going to save their travel plans until later in the year, when they’re hoping to take themselves and the kids somewhere warm. Wherever you go guys, have a great time!

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